We like to keep things nice and simple, as we have found that too much choice can be confusing. For that reason our timetable is modest, but our teachers each bring their own signature style to their classes and so we encourage you to try our starter pack to see whose moves inspire yours!


Full Body

Our full body fitness classes are designed to build strength and improve cardio health. Integrating resistance training, bodyweight exercise and equipment work our instructors will support and motivate your progress to optimum physical health.



Our flow yoga classes are dynamic and deliberately sequenced to get your juices flowing. With consistent attention to the breath, bandhas (internal locks) and alignment you will emerge feeling energised, focused and strengthened both inside and out.



Our slow yoga classes will ground and replenish you while still bringing you all those sweet sensations of stretch we know and love so much. Poses will be held for longer with a deep focus on the breath, to allow the body to gently release and loosen up that fascia to keep you free in body and mind.



Come and play! Our Monday movement sessions will encourage you to explore your body and negotiate space in new and (possibly) unusual ways. We encourage you to break the mould and see what weird and wonderful shapes you can create outside of it. Using partner work, core stability and a healthy dose of curiosity, these sessions will be fun, challenging and inspiring!



Our prenatal yoga classes are suitable for expectant mamas from their second trimester. We do not recommend that women less than 12 weeks pregnant come to class. We will use a gentle flowing sequence to explore the body as it changes during pregnancy and develop a steady, soothing breath to support you during this transformative time.



We are well aware of the many pressures on new Mamas and so we offer you a relaxed and welcoming environment to move in with your new arrival. Our mother and baby sessions are suitable from two months postpartum until crawling, and will focus on safely bringing the body back to strength following the changes of pregnancy. Your own pace and baby’s needs are fully accommodated, and these sessions are always 90 minutes to give you time to enjoy a herbal tea and a chat with other new Mums before you leave.