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“Trauma, is not just an event that took place sometime in the past; it is also the imprint left by that experience on mind, brain, and body.”  — Bessel van der Kolk, Your Body Keeps the Score

Led by Trauma Specialist, Gemini Adams, C-TREP, E-RYT, this YACEP® introductory course explores the meaning of trauma-informed yoga, offering simple somatic self-care practices with lecture-style presentation and group discussion to help deepen your understanding of how to begin supporting those in recovery from life’s natural traumas, as well as those with PTSD or C-PTSD.

We will explore:

*    What is Trauma-Informed Yoga, who is it for, and how it differs from “normal” yoga

*    How traumas (Big T and Little t) affect the entire mind-body-heart and nervous system

*    The neurophysiology of trauma and how anxiety, PTSD, C-PTSD show up differently

*    The importance of establishing safety, choice, non-verbal consent and maintaining it

*    How our trauma history and relationship to our body informs our therapeutic presence

*    Why self-regulation is key for trauma recovery and how to cultivate this in ourselves and others

Who is this for:

•    Yoga teachers, yoga therapists, healers, mental health professionals and wellness or health professionals, seeking to deepen their understanding of trauma and its impact.

•    Anyone curious as to how unresolved trauma may be impacting their own life and capacity for deeper communication, relationships and providing therapeutic presence in their work.

•    Those seeking an experiential understanding of the neurobiology and physiology of trauma, or who have no prior training regarding the autonomic nervous system.

•    Anybody who has an interest in body-based psychotherapy, somatic experiencing or a desire to learn about embodiment based practices and living.

•    Yoga students who wish to become a yoga teacher and are exploring styles of yoga in which to complete a 100, 200 or 300 hr.

We draw extensively from the research and practices of experts in the field of body-orientated psychotherapy, and somatic trauma resolution, such as:  Peter Levine (Somatic Experiencing), Steven Porges (Polyvagal Theory), Diane Heller (Somatic Attachment), Dr. David Bercelli (Trauma Release) Ray Castellino (Birth and Prenatal Trauma) Bessel van der Kolk  (Trauma Centre for Justice) and Judith Herman (Trauma and Recovery).

We are a certified YACEP  — Yoga Alliance Certified Education Provider® — which means that this workshop counts for all Yoga Alliance E-RYT’s & RYT’s towards the minimum 30 hours of Continuing Education Unites CEU’s required every 3 years. Upon completing the course you will be awarded a certificate which you simply scan and submit to your online Yoga Alliance account to ensure these hours are accrued.

We also have a rapidly growing online Facebook forum for teachers and students of Trauma-Informed Yoga from around the world, which we encourage you to join to remain in community, receive support, and to share experiences and resources that you continue to gain along the way.

About the Teacher:

Gemini Adams, C-TREP, E-RYT, is a trauma specialist, somatic practitioner, award-winning author and founder of  Womb Sense, who is passionate about unravelling the shadowy "stuff" that sits behind our suffering, to bring relief and restore an authentic state of well-being to mind, body, heart and soul.

A Somatic Trauma Resolution (STR) and advanced TRE® practitioner, who is trained in and abides by the Wheel of Consent ®, Gemini works with body-oriented psychotherapy, drawing on trainings and certifications with the Trauma Center at Justice Resource Institute, Trauma Prevention, Qoya, CRUSE Bereavement Care, the Tony Robbins Leadership Academy, the NFSH, the Healthwave Institute and studies with Ray Castellino, Sharon Porter, Dr. Peter Levine, Dr. David Bercelli, Dr. Betty Martin and Dr. Diane Pool Heller.

She is a trauma-informed Yoga Alliance registered YACEP and E-RYT teacher. She has began practising and studying yoga for 24 years, attending trainings with Sivananda, Sri Dharma Mittra, YogaBugs™ and many of California's leading teachers, including Saul David Raye, Govindas of Bhakti Yoga Shala, Sianna Sherman, Micheline Berry, Shiva Rae Mark Whitwell.

Combining her passion for changing lives with her love of exploring different cultures, Gemini has facilitated youth, mental health, environmental and social impact projects in Africa, Peru, China, Poland, England, Ireland and the USA, with The Red Cross, Raleigh International, Personal Overseas Development (POD) The Tony Robbins Foundation, The Temple of the Way of Light and The Center for Relational Healing.

Read Gemini’s full bio here

Where and When

Where: Move Studio, Dane Place, Bow, London E3 5EJ

When: Saturday 19th October to Sunday 20th October, 2019

Hours on Saturday: 12.30pm - 3.30pm (3 hrs), one-hour break, 4.30pm - 8.00pm (3.5 hrs)

Hours on Sunday: 12pm - 3.30pm (3.5 hrs) + optional TIY class 4pm - 5pm

Website: http://www.movestudiolondon.com

Closest Tube: Bow or Bethnal Green

Tel: 07376 175 377 in emergency or if lost!

How to Register

Full Weekend Workshop, including course materials and certificate £250

**EARLY BIRD** save £50 if you register before 26/9 only £200


Advance booking and payment is required as we are limited to 10 spaces. Payment can be made via debit or credit card.

Cancellations, prior to the 30th Sept will be fully refunded. Cancellations after this date are non-refundable, however you may carry-over the training to an alternative venue and weekend.

Please Note:

We accept all people regardless of age, class, gender identity, race, religion, ethnicity, nationality, body type, sexual orientation or physical ability.

You do not need to be a registered yoga teacher, yoga therapist or health practitioner to attend.

These trainings are for professional development and are not intended as a therapeutic or clinical intervention for anyone who has experienced trauma.

Despite cultivating a safe container and encouraging self and co-regulation during our trainings, please be aware that talking or hearing about trauma can be triggering.

Our program is designed to provide a basic trauma-informed foundation allowing for further exploration of trauma informed principles and practices through self-education and personal experience.

All of our teachers are registered E-RYT’s with the Yoga Alliance, and certified as YACEP’s (Yoga Alliance Certified Education Providers ®).

Our trainers/teachers are not medical professionals and we do not give medical advice.

We do not support or allow proselytizing for any religion, cult or belief.

We follow the principles of the Wheel of Consent ® and invite all attendees to clearly establish consent before any partner practices or exercises that involve physical contact with others.

We encourage healthy, direct communication and invite all participants to take responsibility for the impact their words and behaviours have on others.

We respect everyone’s right to privacy, confidentiality, and the protection of their personal image.